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Therapudic Aids for CPAP and AP machine users


Receiving the Sweet Slumber Bed Separator from my husband was the best gift I have ever received.  I suffer from arthritis in my back and after my husband was put on the CPAP machine the pain in my back, neck and legs got much worse.  It took me several months to realize that the reason for all of my pain was the cold air blowing out of the CPAP machine onto my back.  I spent several thousand dollars on tests by the doctor.  He could not find out why I was not getting any better.  One night I woke up and could feel the cold air blowing on me.  I put pillows between us and within days I started to feel better.  The pillows did the job but took up to much room in the bed.

With The Sweet Slumber bed separator I can now sleep without feeling crowded and I know that my arthritis can be managed.  With its clear window I can still see my husband of 49 years and yet not suffer the cold air.

I would like to thank my husband for inventing this wonderful separator unit.
-Winifrede H.
Fort Pierce, Florida